Serving Metallurgical Industries since 1970
For decades Misano S.p.a. has been a reliable supplier for steel plants all over the world. Thanks to the excellent quality and durability of its materials, Misano S.p.a. has become a leader on the global market.
The effort to provide a better and more complete service to its customers has lead in 2006 to the birth of a new entity: Misano Engineering.
The main goal of the new company is to meet the customers demands, from both technical and qualitative standpoints: Misano Engineering represents the perfect choice to optimize and enhance the consumptions related to the steel production cycle.
The Italian know-how, all along on the forefront in the field of metallurgical engineering, is and will always be the cornerstone of this new reality.

Designing is the first and most essential part of the cycle.
It’s pivotal because it defines the borders of both the technical and commercial sides.
A project developed in the proper way always lead to improvements quality and quantity wise.
Our team studies all the different possibilities according to the situations, and chooses the best option for the customer.
Once the designing is finalized, Misano S.p.a. will provide the components for its building: a successful project must be clearly based on high quality materials.