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graphite electrodes

graphite electrodes

Misano Group is an important player in the graphite electrodes business. Working only with ISO9001:2008 certified suppliers that have quality control programs in place, our electrodes are subjected to rigorous testing and control procedures, in order to guarantee a high and consistent quality to our customers.

Misano Group have developed and perfected an effective anti oxidation liquid, named POWER 3T, whitch reduces the graphite’s consumpion rate. The low wear, combined with competitive pricing, allows us to offer our customers some of the most cost effective electrodes in the steel making industry.

Misano Group has three main treatment sites:

In the Ras Al Khaimah facility, we perform also a remachining process for broken electrodes. The strategic location of Misano East allowed Misano Group to instantly become an important player in the fast growing Persian Gulf Region. misano in the world

Remachining process

  1. Before the remachining operations, the electrodes’ damaged parts are removed with a bandsaw.
  2. The surface of the electrodes is remachined by a lathe, to obtain the desired diameter. Both ends of the electrodes are retooled.
  3. The nipples’ damaged threads are retooled by a CNC lathe machine.
remachinig process

Antioxydation treatment

  1. The semifinished products and the electrodes without nipples are fork lifted in a special box, then weighted before being put into the autoclave.
  2. Once the truck is inside the autoclave, and the door is closed and locked, the vacuum pump starts the treatment process. When the treatment is completed, the box with the impregnated electrodes is taken off the autoclave.
  3. The electrodes, now impregnated with the antioxidation liquid ULTRA - 3H, are loaded on tracks that lead to the drying system.
    The drying process lasts for about 12 hours at a temperature of 110 °C.
antioxydation treatment